How it started

What started as a school project got out of hand faster than we thought. We were contacted by the 666 Gamers. An organization in Belgium for gamers and LAN games. They asked us to organize an epic event in the Expo in Antwerp.

Our Values


Our vision is to make esports on console more popular in Belgium and ensure that players find their way to competitive game tournaments.


Games don't make you violent, lag does.


Our ambition is to work together with 666-Gamers to maintain the level of tournaments and LAN-Parties and become better and better and grow.


Our key values are to bring professionalism through to every event.

Our Event Agency

One Of A Kind events is an event agency that organizes different types of events. From livestreaming events to esports. Battle Of The Shooters grew out of a school project called the E(C)-CUP. That was a FIFA 21 tournament where some of the top esports players from Europe were present.


Bas is our financial man and all-seeing eye to make sure all the numbers add up after the event. He ensures a structured approach within the team and makes sure nothing is overlooked. Do you have a question for Bas? Do not hesitate to contact him!


Ruben takes care of the technical elaboration of the events. He makes sure that the events are made tip top in terms of setup. Furthermore, he is our creative brain in the field of marketing and social media! Do you have a question for Ruben? Do not hesitate to contact him!


Tomas is the biggest chatterbox of the three. . In addition, Tomas is most concerned with the creative interpretation of the events. He is always in contact with the customers and makes sure everyone stays happy! Do you have any questions for Tomas? Do not hesitate to contact him.

Let's Play Together.

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